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  • Trouble brews for Islamic schools
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 15-Jun-2009
  • You and I have heard of racial discrimination in different cultures, within our own and also in our country. But the following news does come as a shocker.

    In Fairfax county, there is a huge ruckus being created over the school being built for the Muslim students. This is the only Islamic studies school which is run by the Saudi Government in United States of America.

     A few years ago this school was peaceful with happy kids and a comfortable environment. But now thing have changed and the only thing that remains in the new building premise is, silence. This is so because the community around the school is objecting that the school authorities cannot build a new school building for new classrooms.

    The residents around the area feel that they a small, close knit community and will face a lot of traffic if the school is shifted there. Also this is not the only reason. They feel that Islamic schools teach intolerance to young kids of their community. Hence, this is will a major clash in the future. Also they feel that the madrassa is not actually a place to learn but to train young kids for hate. Some parents are also against the fundamentalist kind of learning approach the Islamic schools have.

    They feel that this would be a misfit in their community and therefore, will not hear anything for it. The district counsel too is on their side. They would prefer the school never come up.

    While the community here feels so, the parents and teachers of this school are aghast with such reactions. They are shocked because they not believe in any such allegation thrown at them. They are upset and will continue to fight, one parent stated. This was against their rights, they feel.


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