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  • Turning new leaf with Web 2.0
  • Posted By:
  • Brian A
  • Posted On:
  • 09-Jun-2009
  • What does one do all day at home? Well, different people might indulge in different activities but in the recent past it has been seen that the most youngsters spend a lot of time online. They are either chatting, blogging, getting connected with their friends online or something like that.

    Today, the internet has taken over the television. They are very much attracted to the web tools offered by the Internet. They find the social aspects offered by Web 2.0 very effective and an easy way of communication. It is a new phenomenon which had taken over everything else at a very rapid pace. It practically doesn’t let you think and suddenly it absorbs you. The tools offered by Web 2.0 are not only good for networking and staying connected but only very essential for the teachers and other faculty members.

    These teaching staff members should take time out to really understand what the Web 2.0 has to offer and how they can utilize it. To the young people these tools are just a part of their normal life and they are equally at ease with it like eating a burger or drinking coke. But the older generation has to take sometime out to catch up with the technology. This is important because the teachers have to be on the same page with their students.

    Web tools like blogging can help teachers to post things about their subject. It could be further research material and students who visit the blogs could read up these. These tools offer more creative options and also more research options to both students and teachers. The very term web 2.0 was coined in 2004 to offer the web as a new platform for various tools and services. They will have access to online free encyclopedias like Wikipedia; Encarta etc. also face book, Orkut and other networking sites too help them to share information.

    Through these websites you not only help you to make friends but also come closer. Some universities and colleges are now uploading introductory videos or pod casts of their professors or staff members so that the students can get acquainted with them before the college starts. With this the students will know what their professor’s look like, what their classes will entail and what they are expected to do in the coming term. It acts like an ice breaker. You can create communities through this website that can border on education or on social lives. Students can use these sites to collaborate on homework projects and support their friends who need help for study. There are almost no barriers and students can access almost everything on the net.

    This has its ill effects too. Without any guidance and given the curious minds of the young students, they can misuse the availability of the technology. Some students might have very advanced knowledge about these tools but these can or not act in their favor. Therefore, students need to be guided by their teachers and teacher in rturn need to know most of the web tools.
    While this proves to be a problem, the web tools have helped students in other ways. They have helped students to try out different things and come out of their shells. In many cases, students who were loners and preferred to sit right behind in the class and not mingle with anyone, starting interacting with classmates over the social networking site. It has helped them to come out in class and give presentations or present other reports. Therefore, this is a huge boost to their personalities.  Therefore, on the whole he web 2.0 tools are changing the face of education and learning.


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