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  • Girl Power in Teaching
  • Posted By:
  • Peter J.
  • Posted On:
  • 03-Jun-2009
  • The first time women started teaching in colleges, they either took art classes or finesse classes. That is they taught how to be artistic and maintain the right etiquette. But things are changed for the good. Women have definitely come a long way since this.

    Prospective women scientists and engineers with major universities have a reason to be happy. Their chances at retaining their jobs are great now. It is does come as a surprise but even now women continue to face inequalities where opportunities at work and salaries are concerned. They also do not have complete access to all resources. Many reports have stated that men and women who both applied for jobs at the universities and of which women, go through, they have enjoyed comparable opportunities along with men professors. But women will also easily succeed now for tenure-ship like men did in the past. Else women had to battle many odds and ends to acquire tenure.

    Some panelists state that this happens when there are women on the selection committee and therefore, women candidates is not selected. But the gap is narrowing. Where once the math professors were all men and the disparities between men and women teaching math was huge, the gap is closing in now. Women are as good as their male counterparts. And soon we will see that women are becoming math professors.

    Even with students, while boys were always scoring at mathematics, the girls are not far behind now. They are catching up quickly. They too like the subject now. They are wronging the studies that stated that biologically also men were smarter at math. They are proving to be better and better each day.

    Therefore, things have changed for the good. Women will be considered to be good enough to teach science and math and will be treated will higher respect, if not equally.



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