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  • New formulas for school funds!
  • Posted By:
  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 29-May-2009
  • The recession hassled the country to scrutinize each and everything before anyone can grant anymore funds to anyone and for anything. Therefore, the New Jersey court recently stated that a new school financing formula would replace an old controversial one which was built in the favour of the poor urban districts.

    The new formula came into power in the various states in the last year in response to the complaints made by the authorities. In the complaints it was stated that the financial system was two-tiered and that it heavily concentrated on spending education funds on the 31 odd Abbot District schools. This meant that the funds were more slanted towards this district’s schools instead of the other 584 or more schools in the other districts.

    A new finance formula was built up which stated that all funds will be divided proportionally for district schools, based on the characteristics of the students attending the school such as family income, language ability and other academic needs. 

    The lawsuit also stated that all this supplement money would not be transferred to the Abbot District schools unlike stated in the famous lawsuit of Abbott vs. Burke. Also the new formula would be fully financed and then reviewed at the end of three years. This new formula is a product built by teachers and educationist over the years with their experience in the industry.

    Therefore, they know the best and will get the best out of it. It will help students from all over as only one particular district would not be the favored one. But this did not go well with the parents and teachers at the Abbott district schools and they feel it is a major setback to them.

    But for now they cannot do much but follow the new finance formula built for the schools.



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