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  • Jan R
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  • 28-May-2009
  • There are plenty of higher education communities who are always on a lookout for social networking sites. There are plenty of them these days. Social networking sites have caught the attention of many in a very short span of time.

    One of the biggest advantages of such portals is that they help the current students and the prospective students to connect with professors, employers and administrators. There a wealth of information which is provided by such portals to the students. The information is associated to the events, colleges, jobs, courses and news that revolves around higher education.

    One of such amazing portals is It is highly career oriented portal which can benefit the students in a big way. This site helps the students to build a career network and an academic network with different professors and school administrations. Infact, this site is very helpful for recruiting students and many graduate schools, colleges and instructors of different courses have been using this site very effectively for the same purpose.

    If you glance at some of the social networking sites available today, most of them are keener on allowing the visitors to make new friends and adding entertainment value. However, is unique and different from most of the other social networking sites because it gives more emphasis on academics and career networking, probably making it one of its kinds.

    There are plenty of students out there who are on a lookout for information regarding different kind of courses. Students face plenty of problems because they are not able to find the right colleges and graduate programs. Well, strives hard to answer all such queries that are revolving in the minds of the students. It’s like being a part of a huge academic family. Imagine you come across an instructor who provides you all the information that you always wanted to know about a certain course. This is what is capable of doing.

    It does not stop there. There is much more to this social networking site than just finding the right course instructor. Where does life take a student after his/her higher education is completed? The answer is simple and straight. The individual strives hard to look for a job. How about getting all the job related information sitting in the comforts of your house? Isn’t that great news for all you students out there? makes this possible. The students can get all the job related information.

    One of the greatest strengths of is its members. They play a very important role in the creation of the online community. The content and the blogs that they write are of immense importance and value for this social networking site. The members also rate different schools and educational institutes. This makes it easy for the prospective students who are looking for a good school to get enrolled into.

    Infact, on, members are also allowed to post their personal experiences such as teaching, interviews, admission process and academic funding as well. Students from different fields get to interact with each other and hence both the parties are benefited immensely through this.

    The members also have total control on all their private information to provide them complete privacy and the site makes sure that no personal information is leaked against the will of the individual. The members are provided with the option to choose all their information that they would wish to be viewed by others. The concept is just great and plenty of students have already gained a lot of benefits using this social networking site.


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