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  • Sudden vacation drives children crazy
  • Posted By:
  • Karen W.
  • Posted On:
  • 28-May-2009
  • Vacations of any kind are always welcome. Everyone looks forward to having a peaceful day without thinking of any work sometime or the other. Well, let says that the school going children in USA are making the most of the sudden closing down of their schools.

    No I don’t mean that they are school-less now but what I am saying here is that schools have shut down due to the panic of swine flu spreading across the country. The rumors or the reality about the swine flu have left the school parents harried. They don’t want to take any risks with their children’s lives.

    Therefore, the schools have been shut for one whole month. Trips to the continent are being cancelled due to the fear of the flu. Hence, the government has announced that the schools will remain shut for an entire week. While this is a relief to the parents, the children on the hand are ecstatic.

    The kids are on a discovery spree while the adult population in the country fears for their lives. With the panic situation, some parents are dragging their kids along with them to work. They don’t want to let their children out of their sight. “My mother doesn’t want me to any anywhere,” says 8 year old Sarah. The bored child has been sitting in the hair salon for the last four hours.

    While Sarah continues to play on her game boy, older children are on a discovery spree. They are crowding the city haunts on a week day. The malls are suddenly filled with kids on a regular day instead of a weekend or a public holiday. They are the malls, libraries and even the central park area, unsupervised. A librarian at the state library stated that she did not mind the kids coming here as long as they did not get into trouble. They were welcome to browse through books and other things.

    While parents and schools are taking all the precautions necessary, kids on the other hand are enjoying the week off. “Too bad my mom doesn’t know where all I have been today. She told me to stay home,” says Kathy, 15.


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