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  • Taking away the knowledge bank
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  • Grace W
  • Posted On:
  • 26-May-2009
  • Everyone looks forward to their retirement plans but the teachers across USA are in for a bit of a shock. Retirement plans and funds are now being frozen by the schools and universities.
    Apparently the teachers teaching in schools now are in their fifties and therefore, will reach the retirement age sooner in the next decade. And the numbers of such teacher equals to almost 1.7 million people. The hitch is that as they retire they will take with them their years of expertise, knowledge and hands-on-experience. Therefore, the students will be left in the hands of all new teachers.

    So what? You may question ask.  There will be new teachers to fill the gap. Yes there will be who hardly have any experience like the old ones. The same report stated that the new batch of teachers are the people who give up their jobs of teaching within fives years. They do not have the patience to go on.

    This is the current scene. The teachers cannot sustain the academic life. It is too hard for them and they cant live up to the expectations and demands.

    The study stated that in 2003 most of the K-12 teachers were 45 or more in age. The number of these teacher equals to more than 1 million.. Now given the average age for retirement which is 58-59 or 60 maximum, the teachers will be retiring by 2017 or 2018.  This is going to be a serious problem in the coming years.

    Now if you combine these numbers with the teachers who give up their profession every year, the number is very frightening. This is because most of the people who are teaching now were born during the same era and many during the same year. Parents and institutions are equally worried about this.


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