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  • Be home schooling or not
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  • Jamie K
  • Posted On:
  • 20-May-2009
  • The trend of home schooling is on the rise. More and more parents are opting to home school their children instead of sending them to regular schools.

     A report states that nearly 1.1 million children are being home schooled now a days which has increased from 850000 students previously. This makes up for 2.2% of school going children in America. A new estimate shows that almost 2 million children could be home schooled currently.
    This is because the parents might not be satisfied with the kind of schools in their area or state. They would prefer moral or religious instruction methods than the more generic ones offered in regular schools. There could be other reasons too. Like parents are afraid n the number of shoots outs happening in schools or even the drug addictions.

     But there are disadvantages of this method. By home schooling, the parents are depriving the children of meeting kids their age. They do not meet new people therefore, they may lack social skills. Also home schooling can limit their studies to academics only. No curricular activities. But many reports also state that the kids who have been home schooled is good at academics and completely normal like the school going kids. Also many surveys have stated that home schooling has more positive effects on the children.

     Given the space and economic crunch, home schooling is becoming a good idea. It is more viable now with the technology also. Also children may get the best schooling at home, some reports stated.  Children can be taught by their parents, home tutors or guardians. They can be sent for additional classes outside to cover up for the lost after-school activities.

     It is a good reason to stay home and study. Parents should be sure of their capabilities though else their children will lag behind.


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