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  • What about Online Distance Education
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  • Grace W
  • Posted On:
  • 07-May-2009
  • In today's tough economic market and the high price of attending university or college full-time, there are many other options to consider. For those of you who simply cannot fathom the cost of entering the ivy-covered hallways or for those of you who would like to return to school after being laid off from a job, here are some alternatives:

    Try one course at a time, at a local college to stay active, refreshed and alert. Choose the one course that strikes you as very interesting and fun. To do well at anything, you have to enjoy yourself and want to attend classes. Try a course in computers, drama or forensics. If that goes well, then pursue it further when it is time to go to school full-time.

    While at work, ask your boss if there is any sponsorship for any courses you could take at college. The company you work for may offer to pay for the course which meets their guidelines, and you earn a credit. For example if you work for a fashion store, ask about taking an interior design or fashion course which would do you well at work plus earn a credit at the same time. Supervisors love to see that sort of endeavor.

    If you cannot get out to attend classes, then consider online university courses which are offered by a great many schools. You may apply online, send in your information, and pay for the course by a credit card and start the course when it is applicable. Once again, choose the course which really makes you happy and think of where it will lead you in the future. If you want to do something in the science field then you could take the maths and sciences credits which you might not have received while in high school.

    No matter what, there is an alternative to going to school full time. Stay current and busy!


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Thursday, Dec 10, 2009 11:59 PM

Online education is so helpful. One of my friends had his education through distance learning and look now he owns his own early education school. I am also looking for online programs as I don't have time to continue my education and in that case online education is the best option for me. I am searching for some online programs over here -
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