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  • Ontario Students are Not Lazy
  • Posted By:
  • Chris J
  • Posted On:
  • 25-Apr-2009
  • It has been reported by the Toronto Star, that most Ontario students are lazy and not prepared to attend university. They are overly dependent on Wikipedia and other online sources and cannot read a book. This cannot be true.

    First of all, it is well known that the Toronto Star is a third-rate, poorly written newspaper in Canada. The editors and reporters take every piece of news and grind it into the ground until it squeals. They have a habit of over-exaggerating the plight of the down-trodden and finding the worst in everyone's life. So now it is the students of Ontario who are rating poorly according to their reporter.

    There are several things wrong with this story. Ontario students rank high in all testing, including provincial, country and world wide and have no problem competing in the world market. Secondly, the past six years have been a new territory for students graduating from Grade Eight as their secondary school years have been condensed from five years into four years. Many students who do not feel comfortable leaving home to attend university at the age of 17 choose to stay in secondary school for the extra year to gain more maturity and study for more credits. That is to their credit!

    Thirdly, all students in all grades now go through rigorous provincial testing and their results are ever increasing. They are competent and very well educated young people who are not dependent on Wikipedia as a resource. The Toronto Star received many harsh comments once again about the content of this article.

    The lesson here is that the general and academic readers need to take each newspaper report with a grain of salt. Not everything that is written is true! An apology is due.



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Saturday, Apr 25, 2009 7:51 PM

I think Wikipedia provides a great convenience and informational resources for study and research. It is silly not to take advantage of it when you can. It may not be good to cite it as a direct source in your paper because anybody can modify it. However, it can be used a starting point for your research and as the source of sources.
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