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  • Why Your Time Management Skills Can Speak A Lot About You
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  • 18-Mar-2009
  • Your time management skills can be your best spokesperson. It reveals a lot about your personality and goals. It answers the simple fact as to why you are where you are. While growing up, many of us would have wondered what all this hype regarding time management is. Well, most of us get the answer by high school or at least college and some when they start working.

    Time Management Is Life Management

    Life is all about time. Well managed time means a well managed and well lived life. It all begins with effective planning. Planning starts with setting short term and long term goals. The key to meaningful and fruitful planning is to prioritize activities or tasks.

    Start it small. You can later apply this to life itself. Take one day at a time, in the beginning. Make a to-do list. Be realistic. Mark those tasks that are essential or require immediate attention. Keep the rest for days that are less hectic. You will be surprised to find out how much you are able to achieve.

    Be Practical

    Prioritizing will also help you have a work-play balance which is very important for healthy living. The reality is that not all days are going to be the same. So when you plan ahead and prioritize, your day will be balanced with a combination of simple and hard tasks. That way, at the end of the day, you will not be completely drained of energy.
    Another important aspect is to have a back-up plan. Remember, all your days will not go as per schedule. So make room for some surprises. Be prepared to do some smart re-scheduling. Have some spare time in your original plan to accommodate unanticipated re-scheduled activities. Don’t be annoyed if some days are still filled with confusion. Just accept the reality. At least you are holding life’s reins most of the time.


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