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  • Starting Early For A Greener Tomorrow
  • Posted By:
  • David B.
  • Posted On:
  • 08-Mar-2009

  • The future looks bleak to some and green to others. If you are a part of your college’s green campus program, you will understand what it means here.

    The Green Route To Success

    Today, a large percentage of people give precedence to their own sustenance rather than trying to sustain environmental resources. Saving depleting resources is a passion of its kind. It’s unfortunate that not everybody has the light of this passion burning in them. Everything in life and on earth needs a balance. The good news is you can create that balance. Remember every great end had a beginning somewhere and in most cases, this beginning was trivial. So a beginning, however small needs to be made.

    Most campuses have green campus policies that focus on themselves and their immediate environment. You could be a part of this and learn many things. As a part of the college campus policy, you would learn to plan, organize and execute initiatives. The most important thing is that every change will be faced with a challenge. You would learn to face and overcome these challenges.

    Keep Moving

    The world is full of difficulties. College sustainability programs can go a long way in teaching you how to executing the best solution possible within the given circumstances.

    You should begin with a sustainability program for your own self. Start by being thrifty with the resources around you. Take care of the water and the air. Use the energy with greater efficiency. Recycle and reuse. Now try using your persuasive skills to influence your friends. Talk them into it before they talk you out of it. The need of the hour is a lifestyle change for a greener tomorrow. So, keep your green signals always ‘Switched On’ for challenges.


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